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Spring has sprung - at last!


It has taken its time this year, but now we can safely say it's here. This veiw of part of our Woodland Garden is proof of it.

If things go according to plan, the next few weeks will see more and more growth in the area.


Joining us doesn't commit you to anything. All we ask is that you lend us a hand when you can. We usually go out on weekday mornings, generally Mondays but sometimes other days and more frequently in spring and summer.

We don't expect you to turn up every time or to be there for a specific number of hours.

And we don't expect you to be a horticultural whizz-kid either! Just to be keen to help make Bridge of Weir brighter for all and not mind getting your hands dirty. 

If you're able to help and would like to know more, you can send us an email from our Contact us page, or call us on any of the numbers there.


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